There is one name responsible for the very shape of this world. Thoradin Steelbeard began his career as an adventurer, seeking vengeance for the destruction of his home. In the end, what Thoradin found was damnation for us all at the hands of horrors from beyond mortal comprehension.

Despite The Iron Tyrant’s best efforts, however, life goes on. People still live and work, love, hate, and die in the old cities, and though the faces on the coins and the temples have changed, we still go by business as usual.

The winds of change are blowing. We cannot abide the Iron Tyrant for long. And even though you may not be the ones to bring Thoradin to his just end, this world still needs heroes with enough fortune and fortitude to thwart all of the mundane threats rearing their heads, or any victory against the Star Gods will be for nought.

The Children of Starlight

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