The Children of Starlight

A Clash of Blades

Flying from Huntress’ minions, the gang encountered Fandral and the remnants of his thugs. The crime boss carried a powerful sword, bloody in colour and dripping ash. This weapon proved to be impressively dangerous, but did not strike a telling blow, as Fandral retreated as soon as he was bloodied.

The dwarves have fallen, leaving Fandral’s operations on the docks unprotected. At the same time, the hunting parties are still out. Daring moves will bring much glory here, while only death awaits those who delay.

Make your next move.

Wait, It Gets Worse!

Blood stained the tiles where the Oni laid. The gang of mercenary Dwarves and their strange leader were now gone. But something wasn’t right. A familiar, unpleasant odor filled the air. Nagi stepped away from her fellow adventurers, trying to draw in clear air. There. I know that smell!

“Guys, we need to go. Right now. One of Huntress’ tigers is here!”

And a Cup of What?
-or- How does one make a Dragon-Egg omlet?

When faced with the minor obstacle of a gang of veteran guards between them and their goal, they chose Option A: Kill the bloody lot of them and see what turns up. Which was, apparently, the Kobold Expedition.

Nobody expects the Kobold Expedition.

These little lizards, lead by High Priest Wurmhuak, were to seek out a suitable piece of terrain in the Chaos to install a clutch of eggs sired by their Master, the Green Dragon Shahanra.

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